Adorable rescue puppies that usually cost thousands search for new homes

An adorable group of rescue puppies that usually cost thousands to buy from a breeder have begun their search for new homes.

The toy poodle crossbreeds, who “love a good cuddle” have been staying at the RSPCA’s Sheffield Animal Rescue Centre – but are now old enough to be placed in to new homes.

At under three months old, the three puppies need to be rehomed to locals because they have outstanding vet appointments due to their age.

A statement reads: “We have three beautiful poodle cross puppies ready to find their new homes. All three are bubbly, playful and loving puppies who love a good cuddle.”

Their new owners must be willing to take their puppy to training classes to continue their education and socialisation, as well as adhere to their grooming needs.

Due to their coat type, the puppies will need regular grooming appointments, with trips to the groomers every four to five weeks otherwise they can become painfully matted.

“They will need a new family who is around a lot of the time to help teach these babies that it is OK to be left alone when they are older,” the statement adds.

“They can all live with dog savvy children. Although young and lovely babies, they are very small and will need children that can be calm and careful around them.

“They have all been out on foster with other dogs and would benefit from the company of another dog or at least have the option to make dog friends.

“Any dogs in the home must be of a similar playful nature and be compatible with the size of the puppies.”

The puppies need a secure garden for toilet training and a family who doesn’t expect too much from them as they are “very much blank canvases” at the moment.

The RSPCA is urging people to adopt an animal in need rather than turning to breeders when wanting to welcome a pet into their family.

“While it may be easy to find animals on the internet or even spend hundreds on an expensive breeder, you could risk heartache or huge vet’s bills if you don’t do your homework,” a statement reads.

“By adopting and not shopping you’ll also feel good for doing good – by giving an animal a second chance at life in a loving home!

“Plus, adopting from us means that you can relax knowing that all our animals are healthy, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

“As with all the animals we rehome, we’ll pass on the details of their behaviour and veterinary treatment. You’ll likely know more about your rescue animal’s history than if you were to buy an animal online!

“We’ve taken the time to get to know each animal as an individual, to understand their likes and dislikes and to prepare them for life in a loving family, which means there are less likely to be nasty surprises when you get home!

“When you adopt a cat or a dog from one of our centres, you’ll also get four weeks free pet insurance, which is vital to protect your pet’s future as well as your bank balance! There’s so much to gain from rescuing an animal in need.”